Create Table Cards and an Event Planning Checklist for Your Conference

Event management is a tough thing to do. So, you need all the help you can get aside from the staff who may be working under you. You have to make all sorts of lists that will remind you what you need to do, pay for and remember.  It’s not that you are forgetful; it just so happens that a conference comes with so many details to remember.

Prepare your event planning checklist for easy reference.

Make sure your event planning goes smoothly by preparing a checklist. This checklist should include all the tasks that you need to accomplish at every stage of the preparation and management. Your event planning checklist must come with tasks such as confirmation with speaker, dates and venue, agenda, provisions for early bird discounts, setup, registration, and evaluation.

Jot down the expenses and make some calculations.

In event management, you should also zero in on budget. After all, you have to stick to a certain budget range for the company to even make a profit out of the event. Make sure that you make some allowances. Take the actual total of the expenses. Add and subtract to the total to come up with a range you can work within.

Your checklist should include table cards, badges and attendee lists.

An event planning checklist should also include table cards, badges and attendee lists. Why? The attendees could well be the most important parts of the conference. Without them, you cannot really proceed with the program.  So, you have to get to know them better. Badges help the participants identify each other quickly. Attendee lists will help you come up with safe table cards that will not pit rivals against each other in one table or one row, for example.

Event planning should include ways in which you could promote the conference.

You should have a separate checklist for how to promote the conference. This checklist will include all the possible ways in which people could know more about the upcoming event (e.g. social networks, forums, SEO, conference management software, paid ads, etc.). When event planning, you should definitely target people who should be coming to the conference.

Make a list of possible things that could go wrong.

Event management comes with all sorts of risks. The best way to face them is to know them. It would be best if you can come up with a list of possible problems you may encounter. Don’t stop there. You have to write down possible solutions, as well. This way, you can face the problems head on when they do come.

Checklists help in reminding you about you need to accomplish during the period of planning for a conference. They guide you through making your event a success. Even little details, such as name badges, attendee lists and name tags actually matter a lot in making the event seamlessly perfect. While you may not be able to achieve a perfect event, you can at least aim for something close to perfection with the help of your checklists.