How do you know your festival conference was a success?

Of course, you want your festival or conference to be successful. However, is there really a way to find out if it was, indeed, successful? During the day itself, you may have a vague idea but you probably are managing a lot of different things at the same time that you cannot really decide which way the event went. Here are some signs that show that your event planning venture was a success.

Good results from conference management software

If you were using conference management software then you could revisit the observations that you have input into it. You could also check if most of the online registrants showed up and easily compare set goals against what have actually been accomplished. With conference management software, it is a lot more convenient to come up with comparisons and performance graphs.

Event planning checklist followed

With or without the use of software, you could look back to your checklist. Where you able to go through all the steps? How will did you perform each of those steps? Following the checklist is not just by numbers. You also have to consider the quality of each performance, at least according to your own standards.

Easy flowing registration

One important part of event planning is deciding what type of registration you are going to have. If the registration were done online, how easy was the process? Did people find your online registration application user-friendly? If the registration were conducted on the venue itself, did it flow well? Was the queue too long? Were there audible complaints? The conference registration services that you offer should be fast and easy. They are often the object of participants’ complaints, after all.

Great feedback from participants

The best way really to know how the participants feel about the festival or conference is to ask them for feedback. Before the participants leave, they should be given the time to fill out a feedback form. In cases of festivals, they could be given a sheet of feedback form from the beginning to write down on at their leisure. If you want feedback to be more specific then you should include a set of specific questions or instructions, such as “How was the venue?” or “Rate the speakers from 1- 10, with 10 as excellent. Explain your answer.” Conference registration services should be included in the questions as they are usually causes for complaint in several other events. To get to the heart of the conference at the right time each time and to prevent people from getting tired before the seminar proper, you should be able to offer efficient conference registration services.

Long-term impact

An event is even more successful if it proves to have a long-term impact on the industry it tackles. Are the topics helpful in the sense that participants actually make use of the knowledge that they have absorbed during the discussions in their companies? Do people talk about your event beyond the four walls of the seminar room? If so then your conference was a resounding success.

The above are some of the sure-fire ways of gauging the success of your event. It is always good to know what you are able to contribute to your industry.