How to Track Conference Success with the Help of Attendee Lists

How well do you think your conference is doing? You cannot possibly ask each participant, who is either bored or riveted, in his or her seat. You have to make use of more subtle ways to gauge conference success as the event manager. It would help if you have some helpful event management tools but there are also some simpler ways to check the conference’s status. You may need the attendee lists to help you out with your job.

Use conference management software.

You may want to back up your work as event manager with the use of conference management software and other high technology event management tools. The software could track if the conference successfully goes through each of the stages. You could generate a checklist, for example, of goals for the conference. You could also use the software to check how many of those in the attendee lists end up actually coming. Are there any walk-outs?

Ask for feedback at each stage.

If your conference is not one whole long affair, you could pass around little slips of paper for feedback. Of course, you will need enough manpower to make this possible especially if you are handling a pretty big conference. This is one way in which you can accurately gauge the status of your conference’s success because you actually get feedback from the participants.

Observe the discussions.

During longer segments, you may want to observe the discussions. How many people are actively participating in discussions that allow for questions from the rest of the participants? Is the conference, on the other hand, concentrated on just one part of the crowd?

Check for attentiveness.

You may want to include cameras in your conference management tools. With cameras that send feedback to your laptop, you will be able to see clearly if most participants are attentive. Some participants do prefer keeping quiet rather than speaking out. This does not mean that the conference is not successful. The quieter ones may also be following the conference closely. If you have a lower budget then you may just send out ushers to walk around. These ushers can also double their role by being observers, as well.

Play your role as event manager.

Overall, you really need to be an efficient event manager. You have to ensure success and not just hope for it. Evaluating success through feedback and results is easy enough but keeping a close eye on the conference at every stage is very difficult. However, you know that managing the flow of events is your job, anyway. Just perform all the duties that are attached to your position and you will get a good idea as to how much of a success or a failure the event is. You may even be able to prevent disasters by being vigilant.

Conduct evaluation at the end of the conference.

Of course, it is expected that whether you have conference management software or not, you will be evaluating the results at the end.payday loans Input all the feedback into one database. Also input all of your observations. Then, your group can all process the accumulated data.

It is tough to track conference success. Tracking, however, is very important because it not only gives you a clear idea as to where the conference is headed but it also gives you an opportunity to save what could have been a total train wreck.