Save Time with Automated Systems for Conference Management

Clearly, software makes life a whole lot easier in most cases. In the realm of conference management, the same thing is true. You save time with automated systems. So, how exactly do you save time? Here is an in-depth look at how event management software makes you go through conference management tasks faster.

The event management software tracks everything for you.

An automated conference management system will be able to generate databases for you. These databases can keep all the information that you will need for the event to flow successfully. For example, only a few clicks separate you from information such as the names of guests who were able to come to the event, refreshments requested by the speakers, and feedback received so far. If you use manual management, you might have to keep on referring to separate files or even slips of paper, which could all get lost in the shuffle of D-Day rush.

The event registration management option promotes online signups and payment.

Use of event registration management software will help you go through what could be the most difficult part of the event. Manual registration can produce long lines. Participants won’t appreciate being part of such a long queue, especially if they have travelled far enough to get to the event. In fact, nobody would want to start the conference with stress. You could easily handle event registration management if the process is completely done online. This way, participants register at their most convenient time and the event management software takes charge of saving the registrants’ names in a database.

Automated events management makes evaluation easy to share to monitoring committee.

If you make use of manual events management procedures then you might have to rely on phones or even walkie talkies to communicate. There are still some types of information that you cannot easily relay through phones. For example, evaluation cannot simply shout out over the phone amidst a throng of people. You need to share them out to the monitoring committee via the automated system for better discretion.

Software enables easy publication of minutes.

With events management software, you can access all the information you need from one neat little package. The records are all there. You can find the registration and attendee lists where you can compare them against each other. You can find all the preparation notes, observations, guest biographies and feedback all stored via the events software. The software stores the conference itinerary and proceedings. So, it has become a lot easier to produce a published report for the conference. This report can be printed out for future reference and set out via email to the participants, guest speakers and all those who are concerned about the conference’s results.

Because automated management systems can take care of different tasks at a time, they are able to make processes faster. A well-thought  out manual management plan can produce great results but automated systems have the advantages of being a lot faster because of their efficiency and reach in terms of communication.

Conference Management Software – benefacts of feedback-lists

Is conference management software really helpful? User feedback seems to prove that it is, as you can see in this list of 8 key benefits. So, let us expound on each of these points:

Conference management software facilitates secure online financial transactions.

First off, you have to make sure that your guests’ and your own finances are secure. If you are selling conference tickets online, you want to make sure that money reaches its supposed destination while all credit cards involved remain secure. The software helps you achieve tiptop security.

The software keeps information safe.

The software also ensures that the rest of your information is safe. Business-related information should not be easily accessed by unauthorized people. Make sure that you program the software to bounce off would-be invaders.

The software manages efficient online registration.

Online registration is made more efficient with the use of conference management software. As with online payments, this type of registration will proceed smoothly and efficiently.

The software tracks the number of attendees.

Online registration is not the end of it all. The software also tracks the number of attendees who have signed up so far. So, you know whether your promotions have been doing well or if you are reaching your target number of attendees.

The software plans and tracks meals for guests.

Now that you know how many people will be coming, the software tracks the meals that will be served for them. Special requests will also be taken note of. Some of your guests may have certain food allergies. Good event management should take in consideration the wellbeing of your guests.

The software helps evaluate the conference afterwards.

So, your conference is over. You must have heaved a sigh of relief – and that is pretty understandable. However, your software’s work is not over yet. In fact, your work is not yet over and may be beginning another cycle. You can use the software to evaluate how things went well. Someone handling the software could have easily typed in notes about the conference while it was still going on. Refer to these records, as well as other observations, to decide whether the event was a success or not. Evaluation is an important part as it makes you plan for the next one more efficiently.

The software makes event management a pleasant process.

All in all, your good old conference management software makes event management a lot more pleasant. Of course, there is no doubt that there will still be lots of running around and other stressful situations but you can at least prevent other disasters such as hacking, information leaks, allergic attacks and so on.

Choose the right kind of software and you are in for a more pleasant conference preparation and management experience. The above are just the top eight most important benefits that management software can offer, according to actual users’ feedback. There are lots of other benefits that it can offer you depending on the type of company you work for and the type of conference you are planning to hold.

Create Table Cards and an Event Planning Checklist for Your Conference

Event management is a tough thing to do. So, you need all the help you can get aside from the staff who may be working under you. You have to make all sorts of lists that will remind you what you need to do, pay for and remember.  It’s not that you are forgetful; it just so happens that a conference comes with so many details to remember.

Prepare your event planning checklist for easy reference.

Make sure your event planning goes smoothly by preparing a checklist. This checklist should include all the tasks that you need to accomplish at every stage of the preparation and management. Your event planning checklist must come with tasks such as confirmation with speaker, dates and venue, agenda, provisions for early bird discounts, setup, registration, and evaluation.

Jot down the expenses and make some calculations.

In event management, you should also zero in on budget. After all, you have to stick to a certain budget range for the company to even make a profit out of the event. Make sure that you make some allowances. Take the actual total of the expenses. Add and subtract to the total to come up with a range you can work within.

Your checklist should include table cards, badges and attendee lists.

An event planning checklist should also include table cards, badges and attendee lists. Why? The attendees could well be the most important parts of the conference. Without them, you cannot really proceed with the program.  So, you have to get to know them better. Badges help the participants identify each other quickly. Attendee lists will help you come up with safe table cards that will not pit rivals against each other in one table or one row, for example.

Event planning should include ways in which you could promote the conference.

You should have a separate checklist for how to promote the conference. This checklist will include all the possible ways in which people could know more about the upcoming event (e.g. social networks, forums, SEO, conference management software, paid ads, etc.). When event planning, you should definitely target people who should be coming to the conference.

Make a list of possible things that could go wrong.

Event management comes with all sorts of risks. The best way to face them is to know them. It would be best if you can come up with a list of possible problems you may encounter. Don’t stop there. You have to write down possible solutions, as well. This way, you can face the problems head on when they do come.

Checklists help in reminding you about you need to accomplish during the period of planning for a conference. They guide you through making your event a success. Even little details, such as name badges, attendee lists and name tags actually matter a lot in making the event seamlessly perfect. While you may not be able to achieve a perfect event, you can at least aim for something close to perfection with the help of your checklists.

How Conference Software Helps You Manage Your Business

There are all sorts of computer software bundles that are designed to help make your life easier. In the realm of business, the same thing goes. Conference software, for example, can make managing your business a lot more efficient. So how is this possible? Here is a look at some of the benefits of owning the right type of management software.

The management software helps you keep organized.

A manager is supposed to keep things in order, ensuring that the business runs smoothly. The most effective managers, however, are still very much human. So, they still need something that will not buckle up under the pressure or the heavy loads of work. Conference software can act as that emergency manager. There is even some specialized tools, such as event management software, which is specifically designed to plan and manage an event for you. Management software of any kind helps in tracking your performance in terms of your business, and in tracking the number of guests coming for conferences. It ensures that the data in your records remain accurate. Calculations will also be done for you so that you can regularly see an overview of how your business is doing.

The conference software promotes your business online.

Event management software can help you plan and manage conferences from the very inception. Such software can help you promote your business as it assists you in making use of social networks and search engines. In short, it ups the chances of your website getting accessed by the people who would be interested in the services and products that you offer. So, some software not only helps you manage your business but also helps you make a buck. This is a business you are running, after all. You want people to notice your website because it is where your products and services are being promoted or it is where your online conference registration can be found.

It assists you with payment processing.

While you may like the idea of earning a buck, you may not be as thrilled about managing the details of how to transfer the money from your client’s account to your account. So, you make use of event management software or something similar. It ensures that your website hosts secure credit card payments or provides other options, such as PayPal. You may even create a button that says “Accepts Donations” if you are not really selling products and services but are, rather, selling ideas for which you do not really expect to get paid for but are hoping to be appreciated for, anyway – and sometimes in cash. If you manage to establish your site as user-friendly and secure, then you could understandably attract more people.

It is not enough that you set up a company website if you are just going to leave it there in the huge World Wide Web to collect cobwebs. You have to make sure that people are coming to your site to know more about your business and what you have going at the moment. Software is needed to make this happen. It can also help make managing your business smoother.

The 5 Types of Conferences that Need the Most Management and Feedback

You may be tempted to call every gathering a conference and you may be right in several cases. There are, after all, different types of conferences out there. For example, a roundtable discussion and a colloquium may be similar in such a way that each invites conversation about a certain topic. The roundtable type, however, suggests that all the invited guests are equal. So what are the top five toughest conferences to manage? These conferences may be better off with more feedback, too. The conferences below will make you wish you own conference management software.


Well, a workshop is a pretty popular type of conference. It’s fun to be in one. But what is it like to work behind the scenes? Planning an event such a workshop is extra tough because you have to be extra vigilant with tracking down participants. After all, each participant will be provided with his own set of materials. How many pencils, paper and other supplies will you need? Workshops may also last a whole day or even a whole week. So, event management here is extended. Feedback would also be helpful because you would want to know if participants learned anything.

Conferences with Exhibitions/Demos

Exhibitions are great to look at. At least, attendees do not only need to listen to the speaker the whole time. They can also stare in either awe or perplexity at what your company has chosen to display during the conference. You have to make sure that the exhibition goes smoothly especially if you are going to demonstrate how to use your new products or to simply show pictures of what you have to offer. Feedback is also important. Are your products and services attractive to those who attended?

Roundtable Discussion

You are going to invite very important guests. Each of these guests will be as important as the others. At least, that is how you are going to play it. It may likely be the real case, anyway. Event management can go smoothly if all your guests are cooperative, come from the same time zones and don’t have a lot of special requests. Prepare yourself for the worst: huge egos, out of the way addresses and diva behavior. Feedback will help you deal with such a conference the next time around.

International Event Management

You definitely need conference management software if you are going to invite an international group of guests. The purpose is not for show, either. You want to be able to ensure that you track your guests pretty well, especially if you are going to be paying for their fare and lodgings. You also need to know if guests found everything to their liking, afterwards, by asking for their feedback.

Conference on Planning an Event

Planning an event is tough enough. Arranging an event about planning one doubles the pressure. This time you really need conference management software, which you may be recommending anyway during your conference. You have to make sure that the conference flows smoothly, without a hitch, because you are setting an example. Know if you are example through feedback.

Conferences can be tough but there are certain types that can really give you a headache. While you may pay special attention to the conferences above, it is still best to handle each new and unique conference with the same dedication and eye for detail. You may want to elicit the help of some software to keep everything on track.

Survey Reveals Common Conference Registration and Management Software Issues and Solutions

Conference management software will help you plan your event with the ease of technological support. It can even facilitate online event registration. There is no need to rely solely on your memory and your ability to multitask to ensure success. However, you do have to either make sure that you buy the right software or at least know how to use it right. Here are some of the common conference registration and management software issues encountered by users based on surveys and other means of feedback. Suggested solutions are also included.

Some participants prefer to pay cash despite presence of online event registration.

There are still people who are not uncomfortable about paying for anything online. Their worries are not unfounded, either, because the web is populated with all sorts of criminals and hacks. To accommodate them, you should provide an option to send invoices to them instead, using your event software. They can just bring the invoices, together with their cash, on the day of the conference. Online event registration does not have to mean online payment for everyone involved.

The conference management software cannot be customized according to needs.

Often, the most basic event software offers only the simplest applications. This means that the software can only perform the most generic tasks. If this is the case then you might have to do some tweaking yourself. If you would rather have something ready to perform your tasks, you may consider upgrading to a more advanced version. Carefully note the features included to make sure that you will finally get the performance you want.

The event software can only be installed in one computer.

Some conference management software can only be installed in one computer. This really depends on what you have ordered. There are software packages that allow for sharing for up to three, five or even more computers. You will have to pay extra but really, you end up saving money. Buying software for one user at a time is a whole lot more expensive. It also limits what you and your team can do.

The software keeps on crashing, sometimes during crucial moments.

Buy event software that has received great reviews. If this is what you did but the software still end up crashing all the time then you might have to check the other applications installed in your computer. Conduct research on what applications are not compatible with your conference management software. You might have to remove these incompatible applications first if you want to prioritize your events software. Hopefully, you won’t need that incompatible software for the event. You can’t risk working with problematic software during the day itself.

Preparing for events using software makes things a lot easier. However, feedback and surveys reveal that even software can present problems. Luckily, most of the problems can be solved easily enough. If your problem is a lot more complicated than those mentioned above then it is time for you to call an expert. Make sure that you perform diagnostic tests way before the event.

3 Crucial Elements to Look For in Conference Registration and Confirmation Management

In conference registration management, there are elements that you should especially focus on to ensure the success of the upcoming event. If you are sending out invitations then you should also pay close attention to the confirmations. You could also think of the elements as steps. These steps, however, are each major in their own way. Here is a list of what you should look for during events management.

Events management and planning

Well, there is the events management and planning itself. You have to go through the planning stage before you can do anything. Just think of it as not being able to go to battle without a weapon. Your weapon here is a carefully thought out plan, which includes venue, budget, confirmation/registration, flow of events, contingencies, and of course the invitees. Either confirmation or conference registration management will end up as nothing if you are not able to plan for the unexpected, as well as the expected. Confirmation or registration itself is just part of the whole plan for the event and should then flow with the rest.

Event registration flow

You need to nitpick on the details of an event. If you are in charge of receiving confirmation or overseeing registration then you should think about the nitty-gritty. You need to ask yourself a few questions: Is the process going to be online? Is there a registration at the event itself? Who will be managing the website if the confirmation or registration is online? Similarly, who would be manning the registration tables on the event itself? There are several more details that you need to iron out. For example, you need to cut the registration at a certain date and time whether you are going to do that online or at a venue. After all, there must be a point where you should know how many people will be participating in the event.

Risk management

When planning anything, you need to think about the contingencies. Either the confirmation or registration period may not feel like a big part of the whole event but conference registration management is actually pretty major. It can affect the whole event, after all. If you do not get enough people then the whole event could end up a dismal flop. On the other hand, inviting too many people could endanger your budget or your company’s reputation. Just think about not being able to get seats or refreshments for everyone who has decided to come. If the whole event would be held online then this wouldn’t be as big a problem. Risk management should also include changes in your neatly-laid out plans. For example, one person you have tasked to man the event registration may call in sick at the last minute. So, you must have people on standby to take over.

Knowing how many people are coming to an event is in itself vital. If you skip this part, you may end up with either chaos or failure. So, you have to keep a close look at plans, flow, and contingencies.

How online registration makes conference management a breeze

Everything seems to be going online nowadays. Take your conference registration through the same route and you will notice that management becomes a whole lot easier. How is this possible, anyway? Here are a few points to ponder:

Attendance is easier to check with an event registration tool.

Online event registration software will help you check attendance with more ease. After all, people are going to be the ones registering for the event. Those who have managed to go to your website must be really interested in attending. They may have heard of the conference before or may be part of an interested company. So, if some of the registrants ended up not being able to come then they must have pretty good reasons. Any event registration tool can be helpful. An online one, on the other hand, is a lifesaver and event management will be a breeze.

Event management may do away with the invitation step.

With online event registration software, there may be no need for you to send out invitations anyway. There are companies that send out conference invitations by email. If you are part of such a company, how sure are you that all the email addresses that you have are updated? You may have to double check for all invitees’ updated email addresses to make sure you won’t receive bouncing messages. On the other hand, if you are working for a company that sends out printed invitations, online registration will help you cut costs. Printed invitations are formal and somehow, more dignified but you can also try to make things a lot formal with the help of your online event registration software. Make sure your website looks like it is the ultimate authority, for example.

Updates and announcements can all be done online.

Once people have made use of your event registration tool, the rest is easier. While preparing for the big day, you could use the website where your invitees registered to make announcements. Make this clear by the very first time they visited the site. Post a notice that the website is to be used for registrations, updates and further announcements. Event management would turn out to be even more of a breeze if the software allows for cancelled registrations, as well. Whether the event is going to be held online or at an actual venue, it always helps to know in advance how many people are going to be attending. Your conference, after all, will undoubtedly be discussing something very important. It may even be a consultation wherein attendees’ feedbacks will definitely be heard and taken serious note of.

So, the next time that you are planning to hold a conference, whether online or at an actual venue, it sure would help if you have software that could assist would-be online registrants. You first have to own a well-established website. Advertise your registration page at social networks or in forums if you want a wider range of attendees. If the conference is company-based only then information dissemination should be less of a problem.

Can the Right Conference Registration Tool Save Your Event Planning Job?

A lot of things can go wrong in an event. There may be too many or too few delegates, for example. If you are a little bit more unlucky then you might even lose your job after an event gone badly.  So, how do you keep possible disasters at bay? How do you save your event planning job? Well, you can make use of a conference registration tool. How does it work, and would it really help you keep your job?

The right conference registration tool reduces errors.

With the use of event management software, you reduce human errors. This is not to say that you are not efficient or competent in your event planning job; stress can just make even the best planners flustered, especially if a lot is riding on the conference’s success. The software can take in a lot more information and store them more safely and out of the prying eyes of unauthorized people.

Good event management software keeps things organized.

It goes without saying that management is all about keeping things organized. That is your job as an event planner. However, it is also true that you need a little helper along the way. A reliable conference registration tool is still needed even if you do have a whole team working on the process. With software, you can actually all work together more seamlessly through networking. Changes that you may have noted during the registration on your computer will reflect on your teammates’ computers, as well. There is no need to go around telling people to jot down notes on sudden changes. The changes are automatic.

The right tool will keep plans flowing smoothly.

Picking the right event management software will help you go through the conference more smoothly. As mentioned earlier, networking makes working together a lot easier. You could easily tap someone who is assigned at a remote venue to perform a certain urgent duty during the registration itself.

Good software can provide you with real-time output.

So what is going at the moment, exactly? Your registration tool will show you how many people have been emailed, have decided to sign up or have paid already. You will no longer receive emails or calls complaining about how they never received an invitation. You will also avoid inflated registrations in which you have allowed more people than is possible to be registered. The software will more easily instil the limit.

Payments go through with the help of secured pages.

Of course, you don’t want people complaining about being hacked when paying through your company’s website. Worse, some people may point to the company as fraudulent in itself. The right tool will, however, prevent criminal drama by keeping credit card and other personal information safe.

So, go out there and pick the right conference registration tool. Read reviews or ask around if you have absolutely no idea which to buy. The software is a must-buy because it can really save your event planning job – and the rest of your future career – for you.

The Top 3 Biggest Headaches in Festival and Conference Management

Festival and conference management can be one big headache because it is double the trouble. There are, however, three issues that will most likely bug you almost every time. You need to zero in on these main problems so that you can easily address them the next time that you plan and manage a festival or a conference, or a combination of both. Here are the top 3 most common headaches that you will encounter in festival and conference management.

I – Tracking attendees without event planning software

If your event registration management plan consists of you, your team, email addresses and telephone lines then you are in for a major headache. While it is easy enough to advertise your event to the right persons through all sorts of social networks, their email addresses and their snail mail addresses, it is harder to figure out which ones are coming. Venues have limited spaces. So, you cannot just take in everyone who wants to come, though it is always good to increase the number of attendees with the help of an online program. You also cannot invite only a few as not all of them may come. An event planning software could assist you in tracking people using attendee lists. This way, you will know how many people to expect in real time.

II – Deciding the right budget with contingencies in mind

Without proper management software, budgeting for a festival or conference can be a hassle. As plans change, you have to keep on manually calculating possible changes in the budget. While you always need to have a contingency fund, there may be other emergencies that you have not yet covered. An event planning software will easily get you the closest amount possible. During the planning sessions, when contingency problems have not yet been encountered, the software will provide you with on-the-spot calculations that will help you decide the most cost-efficient combinations. You don’t have to furiously tap at your calculator at every change of plan. You also don’t have to worry about inadvertently causing your organization’s sudden fall into bankruptcy.

III – Picking the best ideal venue and schedule without management software

If you are in charge of event registration management for a festival or conference that will house people from all across the country or even from all over the globe, you need decent management software.  This software should be able to pick the best venue for everyone who is involved, to save money. If your company is subsidizing its partners’ travel fees then it is to your company’s advantage if you could find a venue smack in the middle of the company web.

Even if you are inviting people who all live nearby anyway, as in the case of some festivals, software will make your event registration management a whole lot easier. You could come up with the best schedule for the people who will be involved in the conference. This way, you won’t be hearing a lot of “I won’t be able to come because of the schedule”.

Planning and managing a festival or conference is a big deal. It can be very nerve-wracking. Let software help ease some of the tension.