Putting Name Badges on the 5 Common Types of Conference Attendees

A name badge is a means of identification. You hand out name badges during conference day so that it would be easier for you to identify your guests. In the world of conferences, however, you can also put a tag on the five most common types of attendees. Here is a look at the five types that event planners should have a lookout for and what you could expect from each type.

As event planners, you need PRODUCTIVE CONTRIBUTORS.

A successful conference should be able to elicit enough reaction from the participants. It would help though if you could invite people who tend to be productive contributors in conferences. Put this thought into your event planning checklist. You could have a staff prepare some questions to start the discussion but there is bound to be a few people who like sharing important points. Productive contributors do not necessarily raise hands at every opportunity but they make sure that everything they say matter.

When planning an event, invite TALKERS.

Not everyone who shares has something helpful to say but it is always good to have people contribute. Event planners should look for talkers or people who are not shy about sharing their points, whether particularly intelligent or not. Usually though, you will find talkers to be very productive, as well. Talkers make conferences lively.

Observe the SILENT TYPES.

When preparing your event planning checklist, you don’t really write “keep away from silent types.” Registrants are usually interested in the conference’s topic but won’t necessarily contribute. Some may be too shy and others may have already heard their point raised or their question answered. There are those who feel more comfortable just observing. You can also observe them if they really are absorbed in the discussions.


Planning an event includes preparations for things that could go wrong. One of the things that could go wrong is an aggressive participant. Well, often you can just keep a vigilant look at this type of guest. He or she will be aggressive when it comes to raising his or her opinions. Aggression may even be directed towards other participants. There are also aggressive participants who are really harmless but just want to show that they can win arguments.

Remember the INSTIGATORS.

When planning an event, you don’t really foresee instigators. These attendees are those who somehow make significant changes or contributions by what they suggest. Sometimes, they don’t even talk much, but when they do everyone listens. Then, sudden changes ensue. If only event planners can immediately recognize instigators.

It is always good to have all five types in a conference. This way, the proceedings become a whole lot more interesting when they are all present. Even the silent ones contribute in their own way. After all, it wouldn’t be too nice if everyone in the room wants to speak out all at the same time. While it is good that a conference can arouse so much reaction, it is still good to have people who only like to listen.