Survey Reveals Common Conference Registration and Management Software Issues and Solutions

Conference management software will help you plan your event with the ease of technological support. It can even facilitate online event registration. There is no need to rely solely on your memory and your ability to multitask to ensure success. However, you do have to either make sure that you buy the right software or at least know how to use it right. Here are some of the common conference registration and management software issues encountered by users based on surveys and other means of feedback. Suggested solutions are also included.

Some participants prefer to pay cash despite presence of online event registration.

There are still people who are not uncomfortable about paying for anything online. Their worries are not unfounded, either, because the web is populated with all sorts of criminals and hacks. To accommodate them, you should provide an option to send invoices to them instead, using your event software. They can just bring the invoices, together with their cash, on the day of the conference. Online event registration does not have to mean online payment for everyone involved.

The conference management software cannot be customized according to needs.

Often, the most basic event software offers only the simplest applications. This means that the software can only perform the most generic tasks. If this is the case then you might have to do some tweaking yourself. If you would rather have something ready to perform your tasks, you may consider upgrading to a more advanced version. Carefully note the features included to make sure that you will finally get the performance you want.

The event software can only be installed in one computer.

Some conference management software can only be installed in one computer. This really depends on what you have ordered. There are software packages that allow for sharing for up to three, five or even more computers. You will have to pay extra but really, you end up saving money. Buying software for one user at a time is a whole lot more expensive. It also limits what you and your team can do.

The software keeps on crashing, sometimes during crucial moments.

Buy event software that has received great reviews. If this is what you did but the software still end up crashing all the time then you might have to check the other applications installed in your computer. Conduct research on what applications are not compatible with your conference management software. You might have to remove these incompatible applications first if you want to prioritize your events software. Hopefully, you won’t need that incompatible software for the event. You can’t risk working with problematic software during the day itself.

Preparing for events using software makes things a lot easier. However, feedback and surveys reveal that even software can present problems. Luckily, most of the problems can be solved easily enough. If your problem is a lot more complicated than those mentioned above then it is time for you to call an expert. Make sure that you perform diagnostic tests way before the event.