Survey Says the 5 Biggest Challenges Faced by Conference Managers Today

Conference managers face all sorts of challenges when handling different seminars, discussions and symposia. However, there are challenges that are not just more common but are also tougher to solve. A competent manager, however, should be able to rise above the situation. Here are the five greatest challenges that conference managers face, at least according to survey.

Hiring and Handling Event Planning Employees

A conference manager cannot handle a whole event. There is an existing event management team. If you are the manager, you should be able to recognize and hire the right employees for the job. Event planning can be stressful and requires a lot of team coordination. You want to find employees who are not just competent but are also amenable to working with other people. When you do find and hire these employees, you have to make sure that you handle them well. This means that you must be able to balance being strict and being easy to work with.

Ensuring the Comfort of Key Speakers

You should also make sure that the key speakers are comfy. Not only that but you also have to make sure that they would want to come back for another round. You never know when you will need them again to speak about the same topic or a new one. You need conference management software to remind you about your speakers’ preferred food and drinks, and also about their allergies and medical conditions.

Responding to Problems/Crisis

You could the be best conference manager out there but there is bound to be some sort of crisis, whether minor or major, from time to time. You must be able to face these emergencies with a cool and clear mind so that you can resolve the issue. You may want to have a contingency fund at hand to handle financial emergencies. Extra people should also be at the sidelines for just-in-case scenarios, such as staff calling in sick at the very last minute.

Lack of Conference Management Software

Event planning could be a lot easier with conference management software. There are cases, however, when you do not have the right software to handle the particular job. So, you should be able to handle everything old school by making use of word documents and spreadsheets, as well as printouts, and phones or two-way radios.
Improving Performance

Event management does not end after you wrap up the conference. There is still a lot to digest and talk about after the event. You have to be able to evaluate the preparations, proceedings and results of the conference. You and your team must also read the feedback left by the participants of the conference. How did they like the way the conference was handled? Was the conference able to disperse relevant and groundbreaking information? Based on the feedback, you have to come up of ways to improve your next events.

Conference managers have their share of challenges in event management. Competent and ambitious managers will welcome the opportunities to raise their game plans. Others would have been frazzled by the above challenges.