The 5 Types of Conferences that Need the Most Management and Feedback

You may be tempted to call every gathering a conference and you may be right in several cases. There are, after all, different types of conferences out there. For example, a roundtable discussion and a colloquium may be similar in such a way that each invites conversation about a certain topic. The roundtable type, however, suggests that all the invited guests are equal. So what are the top five toughest conferences to manage? These conferences may be better off with more feedback, too. The conferences below will make you wish you own conference management software.


Well, a workshop is a pretty popular type of conference. It’s fun to be in one. But what is it like to work behind the scenes? Planning an event such a workshop is extra tough because you have to be extra vigilant with tracking down participants. After all, each participant will be provided with his own set of materials. How many pencils, paper and other supplies will you need? Workshops may also last a whole day or even a whole week. So, event management here is extended. Feedback would also be helpful because you would want to know if participants learned anything.

Conferences with Exhibitions/Demos

Exhibitions are great to look at. At least, attendees do not only need to listen to the speaker the whole time. They can also stare in either awe or perplexity at what your company has chosen to display during the conference. You have to make sure that the exhibition goes smoothly especially if you are going to demonstrate how to use your new products or to simply show pictures of what you have to offer. Feedback is also important. Are your products and services attractive to those who attended?

Roundtable Discussion

You are going to invite very important guests. Each of these guests will be as important as the others. At least, that is how you are going to play it. It may likely be the real case, anyway. Event management can go smoothly if all your guests are cooperative, come from the same time zones and don’t have a lot of special requests. Prepare yourself for the worst: huge egos, out of the way addresses and diva behavior. Feedback will help you deal with such a conference the next time around.

International Event Management

You definitely need conference management software if you are going to invite an international group of guests. The purpose is not for show, either. You want to be able to ensure that you track your guests pretty well, especially if you are going to be paying for their fare and lodgings. You also need to know if guests found everything to their liking, afterwards, by asking for their feedback.

Conference on Planning an Event

Planning an event is tough enough. Arranging an event about planning one doubles the pressure. This time you really need conference management software, which you may be recommending anyway during your conference. You have to make sure that the conference flows smoothly, without a hitch, because you are setting an example. Know if you are example through feedback.

Conferences can be tough but there are certain types that can really give you a headache. While you may pay special attention to the conferences above, it is still best to handle each new and unique conference with the same dedication and eye for detail. You may want to elicit the help of some software to keep everything on track.