The Top 3 Biggest Headaches in Festival and Conference Management

Festival and conference management can be one big headache because it is double the trouble. There are, however, three issues that will most likely bug you almost every time. You need to zero in on these main problems so that you can easily address them the next time that you plan and manage a festival or a conference, or a combination of both. Here are the top 3 most common headaches that you will encounter in festival and conference management.

I – Tracking attendees without event planning software

If your event registration management plan consists of you, your team, email addresses and telephone lines then you are in for a major headache. While it is easy enough to advertise your event to the right persons through all sorts of social networks, their email addresses and their snail mail addresses, it is harder to figure out which ones are coming. Venues have limited spaces. So, you cannot just take in everyone who wants to come, though it is always good to increase the number of attendees with the help of an online program. You also cannot invite only a few as not all of them may come. An event planning software could assist you in tracking people using attendee lists. This way, you will know how many people to expect in real time.

II – Deciding the right budget with contingencies in mind

Without proper management software, budgeting for a festival or conference can be a hassle. As plans change, you have to keep on manually calculating possible changes in the budget. While you always need to have a contingency fund, there may be other emergencies that you have not yet covered. An event planning software will easily get you the closest amount possible. During the planning sessions, when contingency problems have not yet been encountered, the software will provide you with on-the-spot calculations that will help you decide the most cost-efficient combinations. You don’t have to furiously tap at your calculator at every change of plan. You also don’t have to worry about inadvertently causing your organization’s sudden fall into bankruptcy.

III – Picking the best ideal venue and schedule without management software

If you are in charge of event registration management for a festival or conference that will house people from all across the country or even from all over the globe, you need decent management software.  This software should be able to pick the best venue for everyone who is involved, to save money. If your company is subsidizing its partners’ travel fees then it is to your company’s advantage if you could find a venue smack in the middle of the company web.

Even if you are inviting people who all live nearby anyway, as in the case of some festivals, software will make your event registration management a whole lot easier. You could come up with the best schedule for the people who will be involved in the conference. This way, you won’t be hearing a lot of “I won’t be able to come because of the schedule”.

Planning and managing a festival or conference is a big deal. It can be very nerve-wracking. Let software help ease some of the tension.