The Top 5 Evaluation Complaints of Conference Attendees and How Software Can Help

When planning for your conference, you have to look at past conferences and how attendees reacted. Where they happy overall? What are their complaints? Here is a list of the most common complaints that attendees have during events and how you can resolve them the next time around with the use of event software.

Without event management software, staff cannot track food servings.

Several event attendees often complain about either going hungry or thirsty during the conference. If this is the case then the event could have been a lot longer than it should be or does not have enough breaks during strategic times. With the use of event management software, you could be alerted to times when you need to serve food or drinks. The software could also help you plan for the event in the first place. You will also have an easy to access database of information about attendees that need extra care with their diet (for example, diabetics).

Event registration is disorganized, with queues that are too long.

Some complain about the event registration. There are several conferences wherein the queues are extra long that you would end up tired and harassed before the actual event even starts. It would have been better if you have arranged for your event registration to be done online.  This way, people could just come in to the event, with a ticket perhaps.

The room is too cold or too hot.

Usually, the conference room has a centralized cooling or heating system. Sometimes, the temperature gets out of hand and people complain about the room being either too hot or too cold. Event software could help out by alerting you every hour to check if the temperatures are just right.

The event is boring and slow.

Event management software may not be the one to come up with the actual presentation but it could help you take note of all the speakers, themes topics and the like. You could note earlier on if some of the topics are too bland or do not present anything new. Conference attendees usually get bored if they are not learning anything new. It would also help if the speakers are prepared to do something different.

The place does not have fast Wifi connections and other technological problems.

You could use event software to monitor technological problems. Because the software is on during the event, anyway, you get to have an idea as to how the Wifi is doing. Is it strong enough to cover the needs of all your attendees? Are there other technological problems? If the attendees come with laptops then they could easily send you feedback about what they are experiencing so far.

While you may not please everybody, it is still good to attempt to cover everyone’s needs. With the use of the right event management software, you will be able to respond more promptly to the more urgent needs. While the software may not eliminate all complaints, it could help reduce them significantly.