Using Name Tags and 4 Other Ways of Saving Money when Hosting Conferences

When planning an event, you have to consider the expenses. Though it is true that when you envision conferences you think of huge affairs hosted in 5-star hotels and catered for by top restaurants, it is still wise to save money. After all, not all companies have the luxury of a huge budget. To save money, you have to look at the little details. There is no need to look shabby just because you want to hold on to some bucks.

Well, use name tags.

Name tags can help you save money. Well, it could save you having to buy extremely sophisticated conference management software that tracks everyone. You could stick with the simplest software bundle. Color code the tags so that you know which people have special concerns, such as diabetes or a food allergy.

Choose online registration.

With online registration, you can save time and start the program right away. This way, you can reserve the venue for a shorter period of time. Online registration is also welcomed by participants because it means that they do not have to go through a long queue.

Go for a creative venue.

The usual conference venues, especially the 5-star hotel ones, can be very expensive to rent. So, it would be best if you look for alternative venues – not hotels but places that could be relevant to the discussion. Is your conference about saving the environment? Then a park could be a relevant venue. Is it an arts or culture conference? Then, you may check out a small, local museum. When planning an event, you have to learn to think out of the box.

Do the event planning in-house.

Planning an event could be an in-house affair. There is no need for you to hire event planning experts from the outside. It is best if you can tap your advertising or PR resources to do the event planning for you. Everyone could contribute ideas and help out in the actual preparations. Working together can help save money.

Choose up and coming caterers.

As for refreshments, there is no need to serve up juice and sandwiches just so you can save money. You do have to treat your guests right, especially if some of them had to fly from out of state or even from out of the country. You have to make sure that they get served with complete, healthy meals. If you cannot afford to tap the services of top restaurants then you can go for rising restaurants that are willing to grant you a discount in exchange you for the exposure that they will get from the event.

When planning an event, you should always consider the cost of the whole deal. Not only are you trying to save money and earn profit for the company but you are also preparing money for contingencies. It is still better to be talked about for the relevance and success of your event and not for the luxuries and special amenities that you have provided.